Transforming Shifts in Leadership


MLS™ Methodology


MLS stands for Multidimensional Learning Systems™

This means that the assessment, design and delivery of our services and the support you/ your people receive are all-inclusive in the learning and transformation experience we provide. Factors that arise for individuals, the organisation and the business context, are encouraged, made visible and appropriately worked with.

This emergent and holistic approach results in the creation of the following conditions in our programs, mentoring and advisory services.

Changes in leadership, team and organisational results are more sustainable due to this multidimensional approach.

How is this achieved?

MLS™ focuses on universal principles; subjective and objective assessments; a valuing of history as much as future Vision; and the addressing of organisational, personal and relationship needs and issues all at once.

With this multidimensionality, relevant and appropriate transformation is facilitated for both whole teams and the individuals within those (leadership or business) teams.

Multidimensionality also means holding the tension between opposites such as short term and long term focus; individual and organisational loyalty; stability and constant change.

Finally, MLS™ is about working with the shades, complexities and power of Paradox. Some powerful paradoxes we acknowledge and work with for transformation of leaders and their results, include:


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“This is an opportunity and necessity to advance on leadership of self and others. This approach is for any group of leaders who want to achieve something together, who are open to new forms of self improvement, shared experiences and moving forward together.

What happened was a much deeper relationship between group members who learned to understand each other as human beings and understand the link between the human side and the day to day professional side. We also understood what factors might hold us back on the personal and professional side and, of course, that these are the same. We were exposed to a broad toolkit on how to explain and how to deal with those factors.

We each had an individual benefit depending on our own point in our journeys and a collective benefit of mutual support and better understanding. This strikes me as quite unique”

Managing Partner
McKinsey & Company