Transforming Shifts in Leadership


The power of Opposing Tensions


Targeting opposing tensions – in people, teams and organisations – allows for less resistance to needed/desired change as well as more pathways being made available for achieving those changes.  This increase in strategic choice and empowerment makes desired transformation and change more sustainable for leaders, individuals, teams and the organisational system.

When relevant dimensions are allowed to be present and opposites are honoured, breakthroughs in insight, performance, and results appear for Godwin’s clients. 

Some of the tensions respected and integrated into the Multidimensional Learning Systems™ methodology include:

Often the above opposing dimensions are difficult to understand, transcend and then integrate.

The process takes time.  It can’t be forced or rushed for efficiency. If you try to force or speed up the integration, often motivation and results are diminished as one side of the polarity attempts to again dominate the other i.e. ‘the pendulum swings to the other extreme’.   This leads to inconsistent results, feelings of frustration and unsustained change efforts.

To consider the MLS™ benefits for yourself, see which tensions above are most relevant and challenging for you? Why? What about in your organisation or team?

How does an imbalance of focus (consistently choosing one side of a pairing exclusively) create unsatisfying patterns in relationships, motivation levels or results for your team or organisation?

Answering these questions will give you a more holistic understanding of a situation as well as more strategic choice, greater focus and empowerment.  MLS™ provides such strategic clarity and empowerment for organisational leaders, thought leaders and for teams.

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