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Godwin VazGodwin Vaz is the Managing Director of Performance Transformations. He has deep and diverse experience in organisational and leadership transformation. He works with senior leaders to expand their vision, change mindsets and align on strategic priorities and outcomes to best achieve their vision. His expertise spans diverse industries and sectors over a period of two decades in the roles of strategic advisor, consultant, executive coach/mentor and top team alignment facilitator.

To achieve the strategic outcomes above, his specific expertise includes top team development, strategic advisory, executive coaching, high performance teaming, change management plus culture development and embedding.

Godwin has worked with Senior Executives, Change Agents and business teams from government departments as well as prominent national and international organisations. Some examples of the latter clients include Optus, Banco Itau, Microsoft, Rothschild, American Standard, ANZ Bank, AAMI, Federal Express, NRMA, Fannie Mae, Macquarie Bank, Infosys among others.

Some of his Advisory and Strategy Development work include clients in Aviation, Insurance, Financial Services, Higher Education, Information technology, Oil and Gas, Community Services and a top-tier global Management Consultancy.

Godwin has been involved with projects and assignments in Brazil, China, USA, Indonesia, Argentina, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, Canada, Singapore and India.

With a passion for learning that creates sustainable change for leaders, organisations and society, Godwin has devoted time to being a visiting lecturer at the prestigious Xavier’s College in Mumbai, India. He has lectured to MBA students (Xavier’s institute of Management and Research), Communications students (Xavier’s Institute of Communication) and B.Ed and M.Ed students (Xavier’s Institute of Education) since 2005 on topics of Transformational Leadership, Integrity Influence and Transformational Learning methodologies.

Godwin’s ultimate passion is in tangibly increasing the level of success and growth for organisations/institutions as well as for their leaders, talent and their clients, leading to wider positive effects of business on society. The starting point is elevating leadership thinking to be keenly strategic and holistic. He achieves this through a proven multidimensional approach to achieving sustained system’s health and adaptability.


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Strategic Partnering
and Reach

For enterprise-wide or transformational change work Godwin aligns with strategic partners - management consultancies - in Australia (eg Aspirall), Asia and the Americas.