Transforming Shifts in Leadership


Transformational Influence and Engagement


For Senior Executives and Senior Leaders

Also applicable for Sales Executives, Business Transformation Consultants, HR and OD leaders or Change Managers who need to influence themselves and multiple stakeholders for better outcomes. Includes principles and proven approaches for influencing upwards

The process involves:

Outcomes and results:


“I learnt new tips and tricks that are practical, useful and easy to apply to my role and objectives with stakeholders, particularly regarding working with resistance and dealing with it in the moment it is occurring.  Multi-dimensionality is a fantastic competency model that will help me find balance and grow my ability to nimbly shift my behavioural and engagement styles appropriately.”

Head of Operational Change

“I would recommend Godwin’s work to those who are expected to lead people and to others that need to extract the extra mile from their teams. Also to others who will play an important role (as leaders or opinion makers) in transformation journeys.”

Senior Director
McKinsey and Company

“In this day and age, getting true value for the business is paramount. Since attending the course I've applied may of the concepts and skills, but more importantly around strategic discussions with a variety of stakeholder types. I would not hesitate recommending this course as a key contributor to successful outcomes across project and everyday business situations”

Senior Manager
BT Financial Group